Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Party

Jason and I decided that for Joe's Halloween party we were going to dress up as characters from the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Jason wanted to be Dr. Frank-N-Furter and I wanted to be Columbia. We went online and found some cheap costumes and had them arriving about a week before the party... Perfect timing! When the costumes came they were aweful! One size fits all doesn't fit us. So instead of wearing huge costumes or starting all over we decided to fix what we had. We went to various clothing and fabric stores trying to find anything that will work. Jason's cousin Jocelynn let me use her sewing machine on the first night. I started with the Corset top for Jason. I made a patern by just putting the fabric on Jason and pinning where I thought a seam should go. I even put darts in the back to make it a fitted top. That turned out great. It had a lace up front and was fitted perfectly to him. I am so proud of myself!! For my top I bought multi colored sequined elastic and sewed it to a corset top I already had. Then for the shorts I hand sewed on different colored ribbon in straight lines all the way around.
On the day of the party we spent about 2 hours or so doing the make up.... Jason's costume included a tatoo of a Heart and the word Boss....

We pulled up a picture from the internet and he helped me draw the tatoo on his arm with washable markers. Once the tatoo was perfect we moved on to the faces.... that was interesting. Jason definately has his idea of what it should look like and he makes his ideas known. :-) Overall the costumes turned out great!! Jason even got male best costume. I like to take some of that credit.

First Post

Okay, so I have been told that I need to have a blog. I don't really know what I will write and I don't know that anybody would really want to read what I have on my mind.... I am sure that whatever it is it will be very biased and one sided.... but I am okay with that so tough luck. I will probably just use this as a daily or weekly (most likely monthly) journal. I will try and give updates on my life.... it doesn't really change all that much so that part will be easy. I will also try and post pictures. The vast majority will probably be pictures of my animals but again... tough luck. So we will see how this goes..... :-)